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Marriage  (36) 
I had a dream that my wedding was getting planned I was there and guy was there that I actually was going to ...
Breadfruit  (35) 
I dream see a big breadfruit
House  (53) 
The house was falling in
Sickness  (18) 
I had a dream of someone I was previously involved being diagnosed with HIV and losing the baby they are carrying.
Pregnancy and biscuits   (23) 
I was in a kitchen and on the counter where dinosaur biscuits on a red plate .. Around me was a conversation ...
fishes and cats  (32) 
I saw fishes in the bathroom and cats in our room.
Raining fire  (36) 
I am on a back porch over looking a pasture when fire begins to fall like rain. I go inside & watch TV. I feel...
tubers of yam  (40) 
I saw my late Mother
Dead Mother & yam  (40) 
I saw my late Mother and tubers of yam
tuber of yam  (40) 
I saw my late Mother praying for me and showing me many tubers of yam
Dead Mother  (40) 
I saw my dead mother praying for me and showed me the tuber of yam
tuber of yam  (40) 
I saw my late Mother shown the tuber of yam








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Fact about dream

Studies have shown that your brain waves are more active when you are dreaming than when we are awake.

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    REM sleep

Two American psychologists in 1953, when the type of dream research, found that in short time intervals under the eyelids of sleeping children, accelerated eyes move. Another research of this phenomenon was also observed in adults. This is called REM sleep from England Rapid Eye Movement. This phase of sleep during the night is reflected four to seven times ..


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