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White ribbon  (62) 
Saw dead ex-husband in the woods ,talked about a daughter he did not have a close relationship with, saw a white ribboon
drivinf off bridge  (18) 
I always dream of driving off of a bridge into water. And sink to the bottom. But I do not attempt to swim out...
singing in church  (48) 
came through the door singing
pillow cases  (60) 
I dreamed about two pillow cases that were decorated from the movie frozen. Police came and removed them from ...
Sky  (46) 
I was looking in the sky and ask i wring of a bible
sister in law  (64) 
Idreamt that i was talking to her
family  (64) 
Idreamt i was jilted and his mother who is dead was also there
jilted   (64) 
I dreamt that I was left standing at the altar by my commonlaw boyfriend in front of all his family.
Stabbed  (32) 
My work colleague stabbed me in my chest
What am I supposed to think?  (19) 
I was at my ex boyfriend's house and his whole family and his new girlfriend were there and someone asked if m...
ear problem  (47) 
Ear was scabby n needed sissors to cut of diseased skin
Laughing babies and hugs  (33) 
I made two baby girls laugh and I convinced my boyfriend I was good and we hugged

White ribbon







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Fact about dream

Toddlers do not dream about themselves. They do not appear in their own dreams until the age of 3 or 4.

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