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giant rock avalanche  (38) 
giant rocks fell and crushed many but only covered me and made a way out for me
falling ground  (38) 
earth opened up and swallowed many
a narrow staircase  (38) 
walking past snickering friends up a narrow staircase
wife  (38) 
wife standing in line in a green dress looking straight ahead
Alligators/crocodile  (38) 
black alligator/crocodile with white double tipped tails moving away from me
Alligators/crocodile  (38) 
black Alligator/crocodile wilh white double tipped tails moving away from me
Squatter  (39) 
A man squatted on my mother's land.
Land  (39) 
A man squatted on my mother's land without permission.
Why  (36) 
I found my boyfriend face down in a canal with the word me on a chain link fence written in little ribbons as ...
friends  (52) 
dancing with friends but my boyfriend was in a room on his own
purse  (52) 
i lost my purse but i had one bank card to use
snake and frog  (37) 
Dream DAT a snake come up my step come through my door enter my room wen it reach on my netting it turn into a...

giant rock avalanche







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A perfectly logical explanation is proof misunderstanding dream the dream message. It is necessary to understand and live the dream images as a separate reality independent of the normal consciousness. Result of working with dreams can be that is commonly used for personal benefit in our everyday life. His dreams had notes on the bed as Albert Einstein said it was studying for his essential nature. Similarly, as a scientist Niels Bohr discovered the structure of the atom.


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