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peeing  (55) 
i always am looking for a toilet to go pee in my dream
water  (55) 
i keep dreaming about the ocean
lost job  (55) 
i keep dreaming about me losing my job that i lost 4 months ago
school  (55) 
i keep dreaming i am back at high school.
man of my dreams  (55) 
i am dreaming that i am finally with the man of my dreams. i start talking to him but his old girl friend is i...
tornado  (55) 
i dream there is a huge black and gray tornado coming and i am warning people to hide.
lottery  (55) 
i dreamed i won the lottery i was with my best friend and her husband. we were jumping up and down and crying...
Mangalya sutra broken   (32) 
Around 245pm when I was sleeping I saw my mangalyasutra chain broken and fell down then I took it and went home
worms  (26) 
i was taking white worms from someone eyes
yellow gold snake  (34) 
I dream of a big yellow gold snake wrapping around on my daughter's body
Mangalsutra breaking in dreams   (41) 
Today Friday early morning I saw my Mangalsutra breaking in to 2 pieces. I am tried and tied the same by myself
Female Ghost  (62) 
The same female ghost keeps appearing in different rooms. I become frightened each time I see her.








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It is very normal for males to experience an erection during the REM stage of sleep, even when they are not dreaming anything of a sexual nature.

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The Egyptians believed that dreams bring messages of good and evil spirits. The oldest dream-book comes from Egypt (2000 BC), then distinguish between the dreams of good and bad people on the contrary. Dreams seem to be two types of people and, unfortunately, can help solve even the evil intentions of people. Typical hieroglyphic script is currently composed of the very symbols and language very close to dreams.


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