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Bad dream  (42) 
Mean cat sister horse ridding in house strange people strange house
be warned  (37) 
i had a dream about a friend who passed away. i traveled back in time to warn him of his death.
Strange  (25) 
I was riding in the car with my girlfriend and there was a thunderstorm. I saw a guy with a mask on the side o...
Alligator sport shooting  (59) 
Alligator not aggressive and new boyfriend with deceased uncle
veins  (19) 
looked into my hands i could see my hands with blue veins very noticeable and with every heartbeat the veins w...
aswang  (25) 
running from aswang
falling trees  (53) 
I was at a house visting my family but I was with my x family witch the person that past away 2Years ago and m...
escaping gravity  (30) 
suddenly i started the flying and escaped gravity
hiking  (36) 
I was hiking with my family and my child jumped off the cliff into a pile of boulders
acid rain  (30) 
acid rain in world and i am trying to run away from it, yet i could not.
clear and white  (58) 
I dreamed about a clear and white bubble
Positive pregnancy test   (38) 
had a dream that I was in doctors office waiting for the doctor to come in. I was expecting he to tell me so...
My EX  (19) 
I had a dream that I was in the Corner Store and my ex boyfriends sister came in and Iwas sstanding by her and...
Ex husbnd cut iff right index finger  (52) 
My ex husband and i were sitting having a drink and he showed me is right hand and his index finger had been c...
love  (51) 
i dreamt about a man that i had feelings of love towards some time ago. he and i were in his office and he ask...
Falling in love with a friend  (22) 
I had a dream that my friend cheated on his girlfriend with me and during this we fell in love, or at least I ...
Finding a lost tree frog  (51) 
I dreamed a tree frog had escaped from a cage (possible research facility). I found the frog on a tree but it ...
Finding a lost tree frog  (51) 
I dreamed a tree frog had escaped from a cage (possible research facility). I found the frog on a tree but it ...
dripping paint  (39) 
Crowded house full of people and family from past. Son paints walls white and paint dripping from ceiling and ...
Someone keeps watching me in my dreams  (19) 
I keep dreaming constantly that someone watches me in my dreams! Last night it was this old lady in a van and ...
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It is very normal for males to experience an erection during the REM stage of sleep, even when they are not dreaming anything of a sexual nature.

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Sigmund Freud - He is the founder of modern theories about dreams. Humanity owes his statement on the importance of dreams to human life, laying the foundations for the scientific study of dreams. In his book, The Interpretation of Dreams, said: 'I can that there is a psychological technique which can be used to interpret dreams.


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