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Cloak  (25) 
some "friends" and i where exploring an abandon shower room when we where attacked by a floating cloak
Ex sister inlaw  (36) 
In my dream my Ex sister inlaw was sent back from her husband house by her husband with a lot of people and gift meaning
dreaming of my high school batchmate  (35) 
were in a line and suddenly he hold my hands
Thunder and Floods with garbage  (36) 
In my dream i went to d mountain then suddenly there is a thunder storm, heavy floods and wind. There are plen...
Broken  (23) 
in my dream one lady was touching and seeing my mangalsutra. it broken at the link and she said that wont be a...
grey hair  (25) 
my fiancee had gone to cut his hair and when he came back on looking at him all his hair had turned grey
poetry  (34) 
I dreamt about me and my family attending a meeting with a community people, and suddenly a poet came in raisi...
Ex boyfriend  (41) 
Kissing him
Ex boyfriend  (41) 
With him
Rich woman  (41) 
A rich woman sell a bag
Bag  (41) 
Wanting to buy a bag
snake and frog  (85) 
my mother told me there was a snake or frog on her bed








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Fact about dream

Five minutes after the end of the dream, half the content is forgotten. After ten minutes, 90% is lost.

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Symbols are words used by dream language. Symbolic language of dreams is to listen, to be inspired by him, carried away. Chew it, returning to it again and again. For each person can have different meanings of symbols, depending on how the access and the human personality and his views.


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