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coughing up hair  (61) 
Pulled long matted and wet hair out of my throat like hair that comes out of a drain. It seemed curious but di...
Snakes everywhere hiding  (31) 
I started walking through my house..I knew there where snakes they were hiding. At one point they all came after me
Snakes everywhere hiding  (31) 
I started walking through my house..I knew there where snakes everywhere and they were hiding. At one point th...
Snakes everywhere hiding  (31) 
Snakes in a house everywhere sometimes hiding and I knew they were there sometimes they came for me.
All about me  (57) 
I dreamed that a baby was in the shower and crying as I was washing a comforter and drying it. as I took the c...
Husband   (30) 
Had to leave on a trip without my husband
family  (30) 
Had to leave on a trip without my husband
Ex-boyfriend  (45) 
Looking for him
My dad  (42) 
A couple of weeks ago I dreamed about my dad that has been dead now for 18 years. My mother was standing by t...
What does this mean?  (16) 
i saw in a dream that i was left by my family members with my cousin sister in a perfume shop as if they wante...
Ronald's Dream  (36) 
I dream I was playing with my friends on the street, then suddenly a large building appeared in the center of ...
Cigar  (43) 
Cigar store

coughing up hair







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It is very normal for males to experience an erection during the REM stage of sleep, even when they are not dreaming anything of a sexual nature.

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    Indians and Shamanism

Indian Shamanism is based on dreams and their instructions are carried out without saying. Indians used dreams to determine place and time of the hunt. The names of their children were also derived from the dream images. Shamanism does not interpret dreams, dream act itself. A person who is to become a shaman, had to be called the initiatory dream. Shaman without dreams and visions was a shaman. They believed that dreams are messages of their protective spirits.


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