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brother lost  (5) 
its about two days ago ,i saw a dream that my younger brother was lost and my mother father and all were worry...
dead Father  (54) 
Dreamth my father who is dead came and lay in my bed next to me and my husband
love  (17) 
i saw my lover i say to him that lunch is ready then i walk forward but he call me back i sit front of him he...
green walls  (47) 
walls of the rooms inside and outside the house painted green
I dreamt that we were many people seated in avehicle full of sacks for ground nuts and i also had a bucket fu...
boyfriend  (38) 
My boyfriend told me to get my stuff and go hide somewhere. he would join me in a lil bit. I left and was walk...
Scorpions in the bath  (46) 
Taking a bath in soapy water and seeing two little orange scorpions in the tub with me. I jumped out to avoid them.
bed fall  (21) 
It felt like the bed was folding along with me and threw me down. And when i woke up i was on the floor and ev...
Crushing  (15) 
I was in the supermarket with my cousin and we both split up to get stuff bc I was sleeping over. So I was loo...
Holding hands jumping off a cliff  (46) 
Holding hands running and jump off the cliff still holding hands
dog  (38) 
a dog came running,it dint do anything to me
sea  (38) 
i always dream about sea being so very angry and harsh to me,even if im far it will definely come running at v...
Complicated relationships/feelings?  (17) 
I was with my friend when a random cute boy came over. He and I were alone and were flirting. We wanted to dat...
walking in a field   (52) 
A friend was walking in a field with mist surrounding them toward me. I had open arms, when she gets to me, s...
walking in a field   (52) 
A friend was walking in a field with mist surrounding them toward me. I had open arms, when she gets to me, s...
My crush loves me   (14) 
It was a class lunch i was sutting infront of my crush .he wrote on a magazine paper i love you dhumya. And a...
sexual encounters  (35) 
Been having sex with other females
over and over  (35) 
I am being chased by cops and they shoot me.
Bathtub, feces, blood, water  (42) 
Had a dream about a piece of feces, a spot of blood in a bathtub. There was also about an inch of water in the...
Asleep at nighttime, and dreamt someone was pulling her off the bed by the neck. She was screaming and yellin...
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Men tend to dream more about other men, while women dream equally about men and women.

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    Insomnia (sleeplessness)

Chronic insomnia is caused by a combination of factors including physical and mental illness. The most common cause of depression. Other causes may be arthritis, kidney disease, heart problems, asthma, Parkinson's disease and others. Regular insomnia may also be caused by excessive use of caffeine, alcohol or drugs.


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