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laughter  (36) 
I dreamt I was going some where to meet a friend I then saw her get into a vehicle with someone as the vehicle...
weird kiss  (36) 
I dreamt I was in a car with a woman I knew, suddenly I had this white tread in my hand I covered her with it ...
falling meteors on fire  (45) 
I was at work and all of a sudden I saw falling meteors hiting the ground outside on fire in different neighborhoods.
teeth   (49) 
I dreamed my tooth felt funny. I touched it and it became very loose, so did the one next to it, until all my...
disneyland  (7) 
another repeating dream when I was a child, was I was on the submarine ride at Disneyland, which was an elevat...
Pope  (27) 
I' m was dreaming with the pope who was offering me his job.
bull fighting a rattle snake  (7) 
When I was little I had a repeating dream that I was Mickey Mouse and I was in a big arean and I had to bull f...
Lies  (43) 
How I see it.
friend  (59) 
I was hugging and kissing a single male friend who is much younger than I am. We had sex.
ex  (59) 
I was lying in bed with my ex-husband. We were both fully clothed, but very close. I asked him if he wanted ...
drugs  (56) 
I dreamed I found illegal drugs in my pocket. I hurried to get rid of them and found more. Everywhere I look...
cold  (56) 
I dreamed I was lying flat on my back, beside my friend, and my hand and my face were cold, we were waiting fo...
gay  (12) 
I was having gay sex and blowjobs by famous teenager
fire  (33) 
fire falling from the sky
Dead cat in a box  (35) 
I had a dream of ordering a cat off of amazon for $31. I found the battered box with the dead cat inside. The ...
rats  (46) 
I was being bitten by rats - i had three bites on my leg. I killed one rat by tearing it in half.
Co worker heart attack  (42) 
My co worker walked into my office and had a massive heart attack. I gave resuscitation and she was ok
boinging  (56) 
I dreamed I was walking in a wooded area with my sister, we were carrying a canoe. We started taking bigger a...
hair turned unexpectedly gray in large s...  (56) 
all I remember was realizing my hair had large sections, blocks, that were completely gray. The rest was my no...
attracted to 2 men, and sexual incounter...  (56) 
I dreamed I was with my ex-husband at a party. I met a man I was really attracted to. Then I met another man...
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Fact about dream

The word dream stems from the Middle English word, dreme which means "joy" and "music".

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    How to remember dreams

The best way is through visualization. Choose such an interesting subject, he stared long enough look. Be relaxed and breathe deeply and regularly. Then close your eyes and imagine this picture, try to remember every detail. Take your time and peace to concentrate.


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