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Running to/ from death  (37) 
Not remembering what happend first but ... Knowing at a hotel man/child hanging from arms died bloody . Anothe...
positive pregnant test  (25) 
I had a dream that my sister was sitting on couch and I took a pregnant test and it came out positive and I pu...
horriele  (36) 
We were at the bay everybody was swimming then a big waive was combing then everybody was running out of the w...
Exam  (33) 
I dreamed that I was in a major examination in school. I was sitting and waiting for the examination to start ...
Searching  (43) 
I was walking through the castle grounds looking for Brent when I came to several cemeteries. I turned around ...
Hunting myself down  (29) 
I am split up into multiple versions of myself, each representing a different aspect of my own character. Th...
Recurring dream about orange socks  (65) 
These orange socks show up, sometimes 1 or high top orange socks
Someone is trying to kill me  (43) 
You entered: Someone kept trying to kill me with a knife. I finally killed them in self defense and after inju...
dead sister in law   (50) 
I have dreamed of my sister in law that passed away 42 years ago, everytime I have dreamed of her someone we ...
DREAM  (22) 
Dream was like -It was ma university exam day..n i have completed the syllabus but some more left to
Dung  (40) 
I was walking by a horse and he lifted up his tail and pooped on my head.
resident evil  (20) 
I was on a strange village, where the zombies live. They caught me and they run after me.

Running to/ from death







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Fact about dream

Dreamers who are awakened right after REM sleep, are able to recall their dreams more vividly than those who slept through the night until morning.

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The Greeks built a shrine, the dream oracles, which were used purely for the tunes and dreaming those dreams. Recognize hypno gods, the god of sleep, and the god Morpheus, who told them of sleep warnings and forecasts of the future. Often people in these shrines were treated in the belief that God will visit the sleep health Asklepios.


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