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The Hill Top Hoods  (31) 
I had a dream that the hill top hoods robbed my dad and then cut off both his hands
My house  (45) 
I was doing the washing in my utility room when there was a knock at the front door. I opened it and my friend...
teeth  (47) 
Teeth decaying and falling out
about my x  (31) 
I dream my x boyfriend was sleept with some one and i heared from distance he is yelling on her and when i ent...
dagger dream  (19) 
I walked into my boyfriend house and I saw a dagger with the word not alone and blood every where. The words i...
dagger dream  (19) 
I walked into my boyfriend house and I saw a dagger with the word not alone and blood every where. The words i...
Bob Marley and panthers  (31) 
I was stalked and attacked by black panthers.
Plane crashing  (46) 
I saw a plane crash
rescuing myself  (29) 
I find a girl kidnapped and tied up with rope. I discover that the girl is ME. and I am the one who should be ...
Eyes  (68) 
I have often dreamed that I'm walking along on a wall in some outdoor place and cannot get my eyes open to see...
Watching me   (14) 
I was laying In bed an I had the dream someone or thing in a black cloke is in the corner of my room watching me
sex dream with a friend  (17) 
I was about to have sex with my friend i have known for 3 years and how he tells me he cares about me but i do...
separated from husband  (54) 
My husband who I am currently separated from, loving kissing me.
pregancies  (41) 
Am been dreaming these last nights That am pregant.
I saw big tubers of yams  (42) 
I was discussing with a friend about travelling to oversea when I saw a woman bringing big tuber of yams in a ...
marriage  (21) 
If you dream that you get engaged and that your little sister gets accepted
Sex dream  (16) 
I was having sex with a man I didn't know
birth  (64) 
I dreamt I gave birth to a baby girl
book  (24) 
The open book was in the box
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Everybody dreams. EVERYBODY! Simply because you do not remember your dream does not mean that you do not dream. In fact, you have several dreams during a normal night of sleep.

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Archetypes are models of the deepest mental activity, the roots of soul, that control our perception of ourselves and the outside world. (James Hilman). Archetypal dreams are called big dreams, because they leave us feeling that we received wisdom from higher dimensions. Archetypal dreams give to sleeping people feel that it is something very important, provide inspiration, guidance or supernatural powers.


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