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Giant spider  (41) 
Giant spider, shoes, siblings, flights, travel, former boss, house, suitcases
Confusion   (32) 
Dream I was over my sink pulling a string out my mouth and the string was bursting when I was pulling it out e...
beating  (44) 
dead brother beating me up
dead brother  (44) 
beating me up
dead brother  (44) 
my brother is beating me or others in my dreams is very agressive even though he is dead 1 year ago
dead baby  (33) 
I dreamed that i had a gave birth to a baby that died after birth and was put in a plastic box
test  (49) 
I kept loosing the test and test materials. I couldn't complete the task.
Light within  (35) 
Black right hand  (40) 
My right hand turned black
father  (48) 
My brother dreamed that he was in a navy That docked perpendicular along the waterfront.he was walking From En...
baby  (50) 
Dreeamed cousins baby born witout legs. Was born with a clubfoot
Flying Car with Money  (35) 
I was at a airport and I saw a flying car that landed safely and the man standing next to me in the dream said...

Giant spider







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Fact about dream

The word dream stems from the Middle English word, dreme which means "joy" and "music".

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The Egyptians believed that dreams bring messages of good and evil spirits. The oldest dream-book comes from Egypt (2000 BC), then distinguish between the dreams of good and bad people on the contrary. Dreams seem to be two types of people and, unfortunately, can help solve even the evil intentions of people. Typical hieroglyphic script is currently composed of the very symbols and language very close to dreams.


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