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dead fathers funeral  (57) 
I dreamed that I was organizing my dead fathers funeral. My brother did not know he was dead.
help  (34) 
Dreamed i was at a family party that was held in a house basement, i seen my deceased mother and she looked h...
Helping a little girl about 6 or 8 age r...  (33) 
My wife and I go up to a party, but the party suddenly turns into a crack house. There are a bunch of people i...
Dolphins  (36) 
I dreamt that I was at the market with a friend who is actually my boss which I was working for at the markets...
talking to deceased boyfriend   (33) 
cooking class, written exam, demo, by the sea with lots of big rocks and small tress
cooking class  (33) 
cooking class, students, husband, late boyfriend, mollusks,
late boyfriend  (33) 
I had a dream last night. I was attending a kind of cooking lessons with my husband and some others which I do...
pregnancy  (26) 
i was in front of a mirron and i saw my breast that was bigger than norma and with a lot of veinsl. first thin...
defication  (37) 
I was moving my bowels everywhere
talking tiger  (43) 
I awoke from my sleep and i was in an Mahal then entered a room where a friend was having sex with a tiger. sh...
death  (48) 
brother passsed away preparing his funeral aurguing about stone money
Goat  (42) 
man joging with black and white goats
Car  (33) 
Can't stop banging my car to wall many times until a family friend came and help me
Ex holding a baby boy  (20) 
im laying in an open bushland area, waking up from a light sleep along a lakeside wearing a light, white, peti...
victorian street  (31) 
I'm in a Victorian street with Victorian lights and I think I'm alone in the house as I don't see anyone else ...
talking to decease person grandmother   (40) 
my grandma talk to me and ask a favor from me to accompany her on a place where she has a credit
house reverse  (40) 
saw concrete houses. some reverse roof on the land
Co worker  (52) 
i dreamt a co worker was calling out to me and when i saw him his face changed and he died
cats  (50) 
cat and pregnancy
Former love   (25) 
My dream entailed a former love interest teaching me how to box in bright pink gloves. We then found ourselves...
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In a poll, 67% of Americans have experienced Deja Vu in their dreams, occurring more often in females than males.

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God is manifested by the fact that through the devil to know what each other is suppressed and repressed only after naming the soul can express freely and find an actual God. In the New Testament is described as God's holy message is transmitted is through their dreams.


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