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Mother  (59) 
I dreamed my mother got married to a wealthy man she seemed very happy
sword of blue light  (21) 
It all began with me emerging from a river on to a rocky shore that from what I could see was a boat launch. A...
dripping water from the ceiling  (60) 
water was dripping in 4 holes from the ceiling and I had to catch it in basins.
Light rain  (37) 
I had a dream I was holding a baby girl in the rain
King Kong  (48) 
I was running with other people, possibly family being chased by King Kong. At first I was afraid but then I t...
Terminal Diagnosis  (36) 
In my dream I was given the diagnosis that I had two days to live. Then I won a very valuable ring from a man ...
Past love   (37) 
Repeated dreams of a past love . We are so in love and they are passionate and loving fun dreams
Pulling  (24) 
I could not wake up, but there was a woman with a long white dress floating above me. She had long brown hair....
Buying a home  (54) 
buying a home
Man watching me sleep   (51) 
Three times I have seen a black man wearing glasses watching me sleep in my dreams. What does it mean
Human faeces  (48) 
Always dreaming of smearing myself wit faecesv.n
someone you love is going to jail  (58) 
I keep having a dream my daughter is about to go to jail then I wake up.








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Dreamers who are awakened right after REM sleep, are able to recall their dreams more vividly than those who slept through the night until morning.

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A perfectly logical explanation is proof misunderstanding dream the dream message. It is necessary to understand and live the dream images as a separate reality independent of the normal consciousness. Result of working with dreams can be that is commonly used for personal benefit in our everyday life. His dreams had notes on the bed as Albert Einstein said it was studying for his essential nature. Similarly, as a scientist Niels Bohr discovered the structure of the atom.


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