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not sure  (46) 
I was in a Grand Marques with my ex-boyfriend I never saw his face, but I knew from his presents who he was, ...
Ex father in law  (39) 
Ex father in law being in love with me. He expressed this in the dream to me. The ex husband was in the dream ...
yam  (37) 
seeing my friend carrying a basket full of tubers of yam
I was stabbed  (55) 
I was dreaming I was stabbed by some guy and I asked why he stabbed me and he said he wanted to see me die, ot...
Hugging Pope  (71) 
Dream I was walking saw a white Lime and saw the Pope dressed in white and walked to him and hugged him.
Grand daughter/lost wallet  (49) 
I dreamed I met my granddaughter for the first time.I was in this house with a lot of young teenagers.and youn...
left wrist cyst   (35) 
I dreamt I had a cyst on the outer part of my left wrist. It was about 5cm long,when I aimed my wrist to the f...
Flying over a river  (44) 
I was swinging from one side of a river to the next the river was high and I dident want to Get wet or fall ...
Upside down spectator  (22) 
This dream is from when I was 5 years old. I'm hanging upside down at my elementary school which had 4 rooms f...
old white lady  (49) 
arrived at the park picnic and the older lady wanted everyone to take off their clothes so she held up her dre...
an older white lady in the park  (49) 
I arrived at the parkit was a group of older people and as I got closer to the group there was one lady that ...
crab  (17) 
I was in my room and i noticed a fury crab flying around. All of a sudden there seemed to be multiples of them...

not sure







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