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lose my kid   (30) 
dream my baby ran n jump in a pond
rat  (30) 
was laying in my bed wen my niece told me i had a rat in my bed n i jump out
18 & Pregnant  (17) 
I was 18 years old in this dream (I'm almost 18 in real life). I had gone to the Dr. to have some images taken...
Deceased mom fishing   (43) 
I had a dream my deceased mother, who has been gone for about 3 years was fishing on the right side the road t...
cow blood  (17) 
what happen when someone catch cow blood in her dream
Shattering glass  (43) 
Windows shattering glass spraying everywhere
Green House Garage   (29) 
A FB friend had a dream that ones in a garage that was a green house and had plants growing from the ground up...
snake bite me  (51) 
I was doing something to my cousin truck and a snake was under the trailer so I was jumping kicking and backin...
Pregnancy  (19) 
I had a dream that I was sitting at my kitchen table with my mom and my brothers girlfriend. In the dream I wa...
worms  (51) 
I was squeezing 2"-3" worms out from under my skin on my left arm and right leg. Some had legs that would fol...
Boyfriend   (19) 
My friend had told me that he would see me later on tonight or hit me up and see what I was doing , so not get...
baby erik  (47) 
I gave birth to a clean baby boy that was able to talk and said his name was Erik

lose my kid







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Fact about dream

The original meaning of the word "nightmare" was a female spirit who besets people at night while they sleep.

Today article

    REM sleep

Two American psychologists in 1953, when the type of dream research, found that in short time intervals under the eyelids of sleeping children, accelerated eyes move. Another research of this phenomenon was also observed in adults. This is called REM sleep from England Rapid Eye Movement. This phase of sleep during the night is reflected four to seven times ..


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