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dogs  (43) 
I was trying to get to the hospital, but when i always tried to leave oyt the door there was a bunch of dogs t...
different /confusing  (30) 
white bull dog around me never bite me even though I was scared. also a guy was short was mean to me then we e...
my son big  (34) 
i saw my son who is 6 years old now is a big man and iam still of the same age
Black Butterfly  (40) 
I was standing in my dining room at the table and a large black butterfly came out of nowhere from my right an...
chased  (31) 
Being chased by a mad man when am driving
Encounter with Gramps  (27) 
My grandfather recently passed, and I dreamed about him in a weird version of his old home in New Jersey and h...
demons  (26) 
I have had the same dream since the age of around six or seven. I am in a dark room of a house that seems very...
my mangalsutra was breaked in my dream  (25) 
I have sleeped.and I see there was my manglsutra was breaking.
fighting the devil  (48) 
I dreamed that something was holding my arms down down saying in my ear we control you I struggled for a minut...
woke up screaming  (31) 
I was in a dark room and then I see 2 faces a boy and a girl bith young and about a yesr between them I looked...
Plane   (23) 
I had a dream that an airplane was comming down on me
Searching  (20) 
I was in big city, walking, searching for some school, then I remember that I walked for hours bu wasn't able ...
dead goats  (30) 
l dreamt of several dead goats
dream my family member died  (23) 
I had a dream that somebody was cutting my brother neck and killed him i woke up screaming and crying out loud
snake bite  (54) 
a blacksnake bite y right hand and my dog
Hair n tooth  (46) 
I was sitting quietly. My upper tooth was felt like I had food stuck in it and it would come out. So I just gr...
Hair loss  (46) 
Dream I was stannding looking into mirror . I was running my finger through my hair when I notice hair on in ...
Black widow  (35) 
I was bit on the toe by a black widow
Dark  (31) 
Was in a house with friends fighting something dark. A man showed up and summoned a soul from hell. Went house...
Worried  (13) 
I had a dream about a really good girl friend & I'm a girl as we'll I've been dreaming about her that she's al...
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In a poll, 67% of Americans have experienced Deja Vu in their dreams, occurring more often in females than males.

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