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Mangal sutra  (23) 
I had a dream last night in which I saw my mangal sutra still in my neck but was cut in between, I saw few gol...
Big blue wave  (51) 
I dreamt I was inside my house looking out the window at a giant navy blue wave. I was afraid it would Break ...
Mad person chasing  (34) 
I was standing somewhere as an onlooker when a mad man was chasing a lady and while still looking, the mad man...
Snake in my bathroom   (21) 
So I was taking this kid I donít even know to school on to see my book in her bag and she was crying when I sa...
Snake in my bathroom   (21) 
So I was taking this kid I donít even know to school on to see my book in her bag and she was crying when I sa...
Changing scenery  (59) 
I was travelling in a coach but not on roads through pedestrian walkways my daughter was with me it was diffic...
Vacation gone bizzarre  (23) 
I was at the airport on a little get away by myself. My ford fusion was getting transported down to where I wo...
dead brother in-law  (46) 
Was talking to my dead brother in-law he was drinking and offered me a drink in the dream.
Snake and Dogs  (28) 
In my dream, I was walking home at night when I got captured by a person who later turned out to be a dog. Som...
A Crow and 2 cats attack  (40) 
Crow swoops me and attacks, I am ok. 2 cats one brown and one black, they attack me and scratch my arm. One is...
bite by rat  (42) 
I was settling down by bed mattresses lying on the floor. Suddenly a rat jumped to me and bite my hand. I trie...
Resurrection of somebody  (40) 
I was in a open place that seemed to be a hospital and was watching somebody dying on a sick. Then I had the f...

Mangal sutra







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Fact about dream

Physiologically speaking, researchers found that during dreaming REM sleep, males experience erections and females experience increased vaginal blood flow, regardless the content of the dream. In fact, "wet dreams" may not necessarily coincide with overtly sexual dream content.

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    Indians and Shamanism

Indian Shamanism is based on dreams and their instructions are carried out without saying. Indians used dreams to determine place and time of the hunt. The names of their children were also derived from the dream images. Shamanism does not interpret dreams, dream act itself. A person who is to become a shaman, had to be called the initiatory dream. Shaman without dreams and visions was a shaman. They believed that dreams are messages of their protective spirits.


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