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Held against will  (30) 
I dreamt I was being held against my will by a man in a house that was dirty and full of rats.
Worm under skin grows large and comes ou...  (47) 
In my dream first I see a little worm crawling under the skin of my left arm. Then a big one that seems to get...
Daddy  (74) 
I had a dream my father was coming, (he had a boating accident and him and his brother drown) we waited, and w...
visitor  (55) 
I saw flashing lights and saw someone run by my bedroom door then felt someone lifting my blankets I felt like...
visitor  (55) 
I saw flashing lights and saw someone run by my bedroom door then felt someone lifting my blankets I felt like...
Ceiling fan   (50) 
I dreamt that I saw a blowing ceiling fan all of a sudden started to falling and I sensed and electrical smok...
fire rain  (45) 
I was trying to wire money from one account of mine to another online. I did it on a strange video game comput...
black snke   (41) 
I had a dream a black snake crawled up my arm and try to bite me it was a whole bunch of black snakes but onl...
black snke   (41) 
I had a dream that I saw a whole bunch of black snakes and one of the snakes crawled up my arm and tried to bi...
Mama Mary of Simala   (38) 
I'm so problematic at that time since I'm a single mother. When I go to sleep I'm dreaming that Mama Mary in ...
Snr. Sto. Nino  (41) 
I"m dreaming the image of Snr Sto Nino in front of me.
I'm attending a mass  (41) 
I'm dreaming that I'm attending a mass with my 17 year old son. The church including the ground is surrounded ...

Held against will







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Fact about dream

The word dream stems from the Middle English word, dreme which means "joy" and "music".

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