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Handsome Man  (58) 
I met a handsome guy and we started to chat. Ends up we knew one another from years back. He was a single ma...
Handsome Man  (58) 
I dream that I met this handsome guy we started to chat and became mutually interested in one another. But we...
Someone give me 4 small bottles   (19) 
Someone give me 4 small bottles and tell me to cum in them so that someone can make a baby
Sleeping baby that is not mine  (27) 
Dreamed of caring for a baby that is not mine. I was in a different country with my husbands family. The baby ...
Manananggal  (25) 
Manananggal above the house and fall down i also have child in that dream of mine im with my mother and people...
Mangalsutra  (27) 
i have dreamt that my boyfriend was giving me my sisters mangalsutra
Spiritual  (69) 
Started earth went dark sign of Jesus coming every one started praying but some didn't believe we were is sta...
Chased by 2 men holding rats and snakes  (43) 
I dreamed i was being chased by 2 men 1 was holding a snake in each hand and the other was holding 2 rats
An Old Woman with No Arms  (20) 
I was walking along the highway and saw an old woman lying on the ground with no arms but for a few minutes of...
Dream of Family and Surgery  (27) 
Dreamed of Family reunion and of being at a hospital and watching a heart surgery
Family members  (27) 
Dreamed of being at a family reunion and dreamed of being in a hospital looking a heart surgery
Cat eats goldfish  (43) 
My cat got into the goldfish tank where the tank was filled halfway with water. I turned and saw the cat scrat...

Handsome Man







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Around 3% of adults suffer from sleep apnea. This treatable condition leads to unexplained tiredness and inefficiency.

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The Greeks built a shrine, the dream oracles, which were used purely for the tunes and dreaming those dreams. Recognize hypno gods, the god of sleep, and the god Morpheus, who told them of sleep warnings and forecasts of the future. Often people in these shrines were treated in the belief that God will visit the sleep health Asklepios.


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