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threesome  (28) 
I was having a threesome with my boyfriend and his ex-wife. With feeling the touch of both of them, I reached ...
that i spoke to a dead pearson   (15) 
i had a dream that my ex mum that passed away spoke to me and left me with a message
preagnet   (15) 
i had a dream that i was preagnet and they said they cant do nothing about it and i was 6 weeks i was scard
me  (15) 
i had a dream that i was preagnet and they said they cant do nothing about it and i was 6 weeks i was scard
Pocketbooks  (64) 
I lost 2 pocketbooks with all personal belongings
snake and bears  (51) 
snake in box co-worker grabs it became larger we let it go size of large field by the time it slittered away t...
aggressive snake bite  (46) 
I had been talking to an instructor about furthering education and sat my book bag down. I felt good about th...
cliffs of mohoer  (38) 
Ill tell you a story, I had a dream one night that was quite frightening about the cliffs of moher and I did n...
ex girfriend  (31) 
my ex girlfriend was a giant and was destroying my city while looking for me
ex love  (38) 
Dreamt that I seen ex boyfriend in church with his new girlfriend but he talked to me
Promise  (20) 
I always have dreams where everything inside me is filled with black snakes, thousands of snakes. So I dream ...
Husband having affair  (63) 
I go to visit the woman my husband has had an affair/fling with and she introduces their son who is 12 months ...
friend help kill snake at his mother hou...  (54) 
I was at kids grandmother house and we see a snake crawl across her yard so me and her son got our guns and sh...
Mad boy  (31) 
Went out to buy something and a teenage boy handsome boy started following me and acting strange. Didn't know ...
Avatar with my dad and brother and I   (12) 
Me my brother and father were running away with some earth benders up a mountain and we were being chased by s...
My snake family  (12) 
I was a snake and I had a husband that is a snake and I had many little snake children but then all of them we...
child  (65) 
dream that a child between the ages of 9-11 years of age was in our present just sitting quietly.
Heart break   (21) 
I was in a restaurant at a mall speaking to someone I knew about applying for a job where they work and a lon...
Flip flop  (33) 
Dream that I have to choose and have a nice flip flop at last
spouse  (29) 
in my dream. i always follow my husband but he never mind..sometimes i dream we're separated..i wan to see him...
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Fact about dream

Toddlers do not dream about themselves. They do not appear in their own dreams until the age of 3 or 4.

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