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kingkong  (21) 
Kingkong tries to kill me i ran and hide in a hut with a beautiful boy but the kingkong found me and tries to ...
The Street  (20) 
I'm waking down the street and the ma I love is with me. He isn't supposed to be because he is my teacher and ...
giant spider  (38) 
A giant spider was being used to create medicine. But then the spider wrapped its legs around me and bit me. I...
black bear  (38) 
Was with friend and we were both chased by a black bear down a road, through woods, through rocky terrain. AT ...
Flashing light  (43) 
I dreamed that someone was turning the flashlight on & off (i could hear the clicking sounds close to my ear) ...
Mud  (37) 
I park my car in muddy place then when I came back my is not there anymore
rat attack  (53) 
a rat was attacking a cat, pulled off the cat and rat bit both hands
sandwich  (29) 
cornbeef and tuna sandwich
trouble, children, and love  (19) 
went back to high school, different place though, a kid that i met in middle school asked if i wanted to hang ...
running  (59) 
I am running away with shoes on then my shoes disappear and I am running without shoes this last time I got gl...
husband's dinner  (55) 
My husband asked an ex out to dinner recently and has been communicating with her frequently.
stalker  (64) 
I was living alone and shined a small light out the window into the night. A man came up to my door and I ran ...








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It is very normal for males to experience an erection during the REM stage of sleep, even when they are not dreaming anything of a sexual nature.

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Symbols are words used by dream language. Symbolic language of dreams is to listen, to be inspired by him, carried away. Chew it, returning to it again and again. For each person can have different meanings of symbols, depending on how the access and the human personality and his views.


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