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Incarcerated   (20) 
My dad dies while he is in jail and another friend of mine gets out of jail. Then I feel bad and start crying ...
killrd snake  (45) 
I had a dream about us walking in a garden a snake crossed your leg and you smashed it a lady laying in...
hurt Dog  (27) 
In my house and trying to rip off my dog's head to kill him
Roaches  (48) 
I dreamed about a lot of roaches
I was in a room, when one naked man entered so I shouting at him so that he will go outside, then another nake...
Borrowed stolen car  (65) 
I dreamed I borrowed a car and the car was stolen while I was at a hotel doing laundryl.
Snake Dream  (51) 
I dreamt I was pulling a white snake out of my side.
Shaking earth  (34) 
The sun started to blaze and the earth began to shake the the sky changed colour and meteorite was about to ex...
Won money at casino  (32) 
Was in the casino and won a lot of money on some machines.
Flying over water  (26) 
Left friends in a boat and started flying over water
white rat  (39) 
I killed a white rat and every living thing that was white. I also killed a white moth
Borrowed stolen car  (65) 
I dreamed that I was staying at a hotel and I had borrowed a car from a guy(this guy in reality is incarcerate...








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It is very normal for males to experience an erection during the REM stage of sleep, even when they are not dreaming anything of a sexual nature.

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Muhammad founded Islam on the basis of divination dream. He had a lot of wonderful dreams, the most famous is the way to the center of the world into a miraculous creature Al-Burak, which had a female ..


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