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fire In The Sky  (39) 
I was at a house I never been in before and was in the front yard when all of a sudden I looked up in the sky ...
grandma   (28) 
My grandma and I were sitting down to a heart to heart conversation, which was much needed. Our communication ...
k  (18) 
my bestfriend had a flirty boyfriend
celing fans. and an ex  (33) 
I dreamed about finding an exs number in boxes of celing fans and my husband wouldn't cange the celing fan we ...
Maggots  (49) 
Pouring maggots out of a bucket
Maggets  (49) 
I saw I was pouring maggets from a big bucket
dogs  (43) 
I was trying to get to the hospital, but when i always tried to leave oyt the door there was a bunch of dogs t...
different /confusing  (30) 
white bull dog around me never bite me even though I was scared. also a guy was short was mean to me then we e...
my son big  (34) 
i saw my son who is 6 years old now is a big man and iam still of the same age
Black Butterfly  (40) 
I was standing in my dining room at the table and a large black butterfly came out of nowhere from my right an...
chased  (31) 
Being chased by a mad man when am driving
Encounter with Gramps  (27) 
My grandfather recently passed, and I dreamed about him in a weird version of his old home in New Jersey and h...
demons  (26) 
I have had the same dream since the age of around six or seven. I am in a dark room of a house that seems very...
my mangalsutra was breaked in my dream  (25) 
I have sleeped.and I see there was my manglsutra was breaking.
fighting the devil  (48) 
I dreamed that something was holding my arms down down saying in my ear we control you I struggled for a minut...
woke up screaming  (31) 
I was in a dark room and then I see 2 faces a boy and a girl bith young and about a yesr between them I looked...
Plane   (23) 
I had a dream that an airplane was comming down on me
Searching  (20) 
I was in big city, walking, searching for some school, then I remember that I walked for hours bu wasn't able ...
dead goats  (30) 
l dreamt of several dead goats
dream my family member died  (23) 
I had a dream that somebody was cutting my brother neck and killed him i woke up screaming and crying out loud
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It is very normal for males to experience an erection during the REM stage of sleep, even when they are not dreaming anything of a sexual nature.

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Snoring is the sound generated during speech breathing during sleep. It is caused by the passage of inhaled and exhaled air in places narrowed airways. The very sound creates resonance airway wall or obstruction in the airway soft climate or a corner. Snoring is not a disease itself, only a cosmetic defect , especially unpleasant for other people who sleep.


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