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wandering   (37) 
I saw that I am going for bath but outside and kept my clothes at home went naked somewhere and there people w...
My home  (55) 
Men are in my home, uninvited. Yet, none of them can tell me why they are there. These men, there are three (3...
King Kong   (24) 
I watch these baby monkeys grow around my dad and step-moms (my dad ignored me & my step mom said I was dead t...
can't get baby fed  (55) 
baby needs me can't get her fed.....but when I do feed her she eats
sea ,boat  (36) 
i was in the ship.then the ship is drowning,then i swimming
sea ,boat  (36) 
swimming the sea.
dirty comfortroom  (36) 
i was in dirtycomfort room
heaven  (26) 
brother dream he met his sister in heaven
walking up the road  (55) 
I was walking up the road and my legs ached alot. I was rubbing them as I walked. .
strolling  (55) 
I was walking through a dark house. I looked to my right and saw some canned food. Ias I walked by I touched t...
boyfriend caught with his exgirifriend. ...  (19) 
Me,my friend,my boyfriend,and two other people I never seen before, were walking into what was suppose to be m...
mother of Exboy friend saw me with anoth...  (47) 
I dreamed a mother of my exboyfriend walked in my room and saw me in bed with another man she was surprised an...








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