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aa  (26) 
i saw that i was in a new place...which was full of natural beauty...i was in a long corridor with pillars on ...
foot worms  (22) 
I had the oddest dream that a kid was putting worms in his arms and then I took a scalpel and cut open my foot...
My doughter die  (48) 
My doughter watching television and somebody come and kill her with another girl ages 6 years old
Shower  (48) 
I dream I'm going to shower and I see shower room was pink color and I here somebody open door and go
i saw a madman  (31) 
been caring to and eating with a madman
Scary   (17) 
I almost drowned and the devil was inside of me and wanted me dead
Black goat  (42) 
I am house sitting for a woman with hair like Jane gonads character in the movie "9to5". I don't know her very...
Someone trying to shot me  (47) 
Someone trying to shot me
Dogs  (36) 
A lot of dogs on the porch in a line coming to the porch, a dog climbing in the windows. Dogs laying on both S...
Exboyfriends daughter   (20) 
I received pictures of my exboyfriends daughter while I was at work and wore the around my wrist like a bracelet
ceiling fan not working  (20) 
Whole family in the room ceiling fan is not working and its too hot weather. Although our room wall fan is ope...
Wedding thali  (32) 
I dream a scene where one man is dumping another man body in roadside. A women who saw it, looks for that man ...








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Fact about dream

Toddlers do not dream about themselves. They do not appear in their own dreams until the age of 3 or 4.

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    Night sweats

Even if not one night sweats sleep disorders, there is no doubt that the sweaty sheets and pyjamas while sleeping bothers us.


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