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I left my husband  (38) 
I left my husband
cheating   (15) 
Dreamed of my boyfriend of 3 year cheating on me
husband  (55) 
i dreamt that m husband was laying behind me & next to me holding me i turned my head for a kiss and seen he ...
scary  (26) 
My dream was about that in was whith my husband we went to my cuisines house and we where playing a game then ...
rat  (33) 
I was in my garage with my aunt and a few friends when a rat comes walking on top of a cup that was on the dr...
Grass  (59) 
Standing at what looks to be at the begining of a Driveway to be paved I was looking at a spot of green grass...
Nightmare  (47) 
Husband cheating & I was casting spell on other woman. Was very intense & I awoke screaming the spell with a p...
touching a blue dolphin  (56) 
I was swimming off a rocky point when two rare blue dolphins approached me ,and to my amazement they let me to...
unidentifyed child  (32) 
I was in a room with 2 wemam and a man feeling strange in myself like I was drunk but knew I cudnt drink with ...
Jesus Face  (37) 
Sleep about 10 min, standing in a fill by a big oak tree & I look up into the sky & Jesus face was clear comin...
Reversing car  (48) 
i am driving a car but it is going backwards and I can't make it go forward
Snake bite to left hand  (44) 
I was in car arguing with husband about trying to escape snake . My son was also in the backseat , he was todd...
My Conscience  (29) 
I dreamt I was cheating on my fiance with my friend's boyfriend,who in my dream turns out to be her ex.He call...
wedding invite  (52) 
I dreamt I had been invited to a wedding but the person involved has been married for over twenty years
not the father in dream  (19) 
I dream my gf unborn baby is not mines...twice what does this means
graves  (48) 
Saw 4 open graves and heard music
Lost love  (29) 
I dreamt that I was a vampire. My vampire lover and his boss were about to get caught for kidnapping and killi...
meteorite  (33) 
Had a huge meteorite almost kill me
ceiling fan  (33) 
I was sitting on top of a ceiling fan looking below
Halloween proposal?  (20) 
In my dream my boyfriend and I where at a Halloween party at my mom's house. People had just arrived so I was ...
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Fact about dream

Physiologically speaking, researchers found that during dreaming REM sleep, males experience erections and females experience increased vaginal blood flow, regardless the content of the dream. In fact, "wet dreams" may not necessarily coincide with overtly sexual dream content.

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    Sleeping position

Poised distended hands and feet The man who sleeps in this position like freedom! This position reveals his true identity. Do you like comfort, the beauty of worship and not feeding a lot of money. Your undesirable feature is that too interested in affairs of other people and you like trickiness and slander. Just remember the last gossip.


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