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Husband's Spirit Visit Cut Short  (52) 
looking at a tan rabbit in a hutch with other rabbits when my husbands spirit who passed away comes up behind ...
wedding dress  (39) 
my cousin had a dream about me wearing a wedding dress
friends deceased dad  (32) 
i have a friend whose dad past away last year,i saw my friend grieving with her family,im also with my family ...
snakes & rats  (26) 
snakes and rats were chasing me
catching fish and crabs  (45) 
I was catching fish and crabs with my friend
Golden Ring  (23) 
I jc started a new relationship with an amazing man and since then i dreamed twice of me wearing a golden ring...
Snake  (33) 
i saw this dream in the afternoon. i by mistake put my foot on the tail of a snake and the snake hissed with a...
married someone i work for  (33) 
in my dream i am ingaged to the same person i am with know for the past 15 years..but i end up marrying a pers...
frienemy  (28) 
I was hanging with my friends and this girl who was an old close friend of mind comes up and wanna fight so we...
Tornados  (42) 
I was helping the police with something and all of a sudden i was in front of a bunch of tornados and I found ...
Doors  (35) 
I am in a large building and everywhere i look there is a different door. Doors either lead up or down.
snake fight  (49) 
I saw a cobra snake in the dream, and my grandmother's cobra snake started to fight with it.

Husband's Spirit Visit Cut Short







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Studies have shown that your brain waves are more active when you are dreaming than when we are awake.

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It occurs at different ages, especially in children aged 6 to 12 years .. It is estimated that about 15 percent of children in this age. Over time, this disease of children grow up. Typical behavior is manifested by a sleepwalker sits on the bed, gets up and starts walking.


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