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Reoccurring Dream  (5) 
In the dream it Feels like im flying above a car with parents and me. The Car drives towards aunts house. Wh...
Lp  (43) 
I and friend have babies
Loops  (43) 
I have a baby girl and so does my friend
Loops  (43) 
I have a pretty baby girl and. My friend has a ugly baby girl
Death  (34) 
My grandfather died but at the funeral it was my grandmother not my grandfather and when I wanted to say goodb...
Lost in a Crowd  (67) 
Last 4 days, similar dreaming. Always in a crowd and unable to find people I was with. First time leaving a b...
underwater   (24) 
I saw that I am underwater. There's a palace over there with huge pillars. And I want to come on the surface...
underwater   (24) 
I saw that I am underwater. There's a palace over there with huge pillars. And I want to come on the surface...
Uncle mike  (55) 
Shaving blueberries off a loved ones face who has passed
churchi  (60) 
I was walking along in a street and I saw a church and went in
horse  (75) 
I've had several dreams of a horse com'g after me...trap'g me...and want'g to harm me
Silver ring  (54) 
I found a unique hand made silver ring in a shop. In the centre are three round stones and three leaves. Lit...

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Studies have shown that your brain waves are more active when you are dreaming than when we are awake.

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Symbols are words used by dream language. Symbolic language of dreams is to listen, to be inspired by him, carried away. Chew it, returning to it again and again. For each person can have different meanings of symbols, depending on how the access and the human personality and his views.


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