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fire  (65) 
I dreamed that my patio was on fire and the burning roof caved in on top of my head.
Drawing blood from myself  (21) 
Well my dream started, when I was in my old house, the rooms were different, they had no doors, only curtains,...
cheating  (29) 
Spouse were cheating
Spider crawling up my body  (32) 
Had a dream that I saw a spider and tried to capture it but it ended up crawling on to my foot. So I ties to...
boyfriend  (35) 
Boyfriend leaves me, takes a trip alone and doesnt know when he will be back
scared  (20) 
I had a dream I found a weird object with a eye inside of it , I asked my teacher what it was . Later on in my...
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I dreamed that my patio was on fire and the burning roof caved in on top of my head.



Fact about dream

On average, you can dream anywhere from one to two hours every night. Moreover, you can have four to seven dreams in one night.

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    How to remember dreams

The best way is through visualization. Choose such an interesting subject, he stared long enough look. Be relaxed and breathe deeply and regularly. Then close your eyes and imagine this picture, try to remember every detail. Take your time and peace to concentrate.


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