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deceasd uncle  (24) 
me and my uncle were togetha then he dissapeard and i was trying to find him but couldnt find him i found a ro...
Giant eagle on shoulders   (37) 
I was on lower Elwha road looking for pretty rocks with my 4 year old son when an giant bald eagle landed on m...
being chased  (31) 
Always being chased
Black horse chasing me  (52) 
I have had several dreams of a black horse chasing me and everywhere I would try to hide it would find me. I a...
my dad  (26) 
my friend just called me . told me she had a dream with my father who is passed . he was on a lovely beach . h...
A killer wants to find me  (15) 
An unknown being was obssessed with dolls. He would take people's eyes out while they were still alive and tra...
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deceasd uncle

me and my uncle were togetha then he dissapeard and i was trying to find him but couldnt find him i found a rottn sandwich and a random fly buzzd around then flew away and then i saw a man with weird pupils then i got shot by a women



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