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Married to my ex-boyfriend with baby  (22) 
My ex-boyfriend and I were together, I was pregnant and at the hospital. No nurse was coming to help me so I d...
Married to my ex-boyfriend with a baby  (22) 
My ex-boyfriend and I were together, I was pregnant and at the hospital. No nurse was coming to help me so I d...
threesome  (28) 
I was having a threesome with my boyfriend and his ex-wife. With feeling the touch of both of them, I reached ...
that i spoke to a dead pearson   (15) 
i had a dream that my ex mum that passed away spoke to me and left me with a message
preagnet   (15) 
i had a dream that i was preagnet and they said they cant do nothing about it and i was 6 weeks i was scard
me  (15) 
i had a dream that i was preagnet and they said they cant do nothing about it and i was 6 weeks i was scard
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 Dream title : Married to my ex-boyfriend with baby 

Dream story : My ex-boyfriend and I were together, I was pregnant and at the hospital. No nurse was coming to help me so I deliver my own baby but it looks weird. Over time it became prettier. Then I find out that my ex-boyfriend has died and I need to go to his room to get things of his. I only have a short amount of time to do this because his room is burning down and mean men are trying to kill me and my baby.

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  ant   baby   boy   burning   friend   get   hat   hen   kill   liver   pit   pregnant   room

  spit   tie   weir
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Ant - seea lot of work, a large number
ant - ant in dead or inactivepoor work organization
Ant - tweaking theevil conflicts between people
ANT - bunch of them crawling out of the house and jaws npublic statement
ANT - bunch of them crawling out of the housegreetings from illness
ANT - bunch of them crawling into the houseillness and death
Baby - newbornpleasure and worry
Boy - seeworry
Boy - pregnant woman when it seems to have a boygood luck in everything
Boy - jump to seegood income withdrawal
Boy - fight to seefussiness
Boy - play to seedeciphering doubts
Boy - throw to seeearly release
Burning - see clearlyjoy
Burning - if only smoldersannoyance
Burning - burning to burngiving false
Burning - burning thing to eatgold portends
Friend - Formerreturn to memories, perhaps repeating the situation
friend - to see friendsyou have to defend against them as
Friend - late to seeunexpected news, deferred marriage
friend - to see, welcometo the glory and come poctám
Friend - who see a friend thrivegood news or early meeting with the closest
Friend - seelong life
friend - to see the deceasedbrings unexpected news
friend - to see a troubled friendwaiting for you too sad or serious illness
Friend - offendcontempt experience
Friend - dead man to seejoy
Friend - standing on the mountainunexpected promotion at work, for which you neglect your friends and family
Friend - laugh dreamindicates an early break with him
Friend - with bandaged faceestablishment of new ones, which results in losses for you and problems
Friend - joke with himrupture
friend - friends in the animal formmeans to fight enemies who want to separate you from the nearest
Friend - meet himgood
Friend - meetportends an unexpected event, which will bring sorrow and disagreement
friend - to help himman himself receives help
Friend - weepingworry or frustration and failure in business
friend - dressed in bright colorsdisclose information that caused the problems and arguments
friend - to visit him or meet himstands for warmth
Friend - have to worry about itdisease or failure
Friend - say goodbye to a friends predictions of conflicts and disputes are known, it is also a sign of financial difficulties and losses
Friend - guess the dreamsignifies unfaithfulness friend
Friend - together with more to be friendsharbinger of visits from people who like to see
Friend - Friendfriendship, sadness
Friend - Friendfriends are your own person, often within the meaning brother, Wraith, etc.
Friend - FriendFor love is happiness, and early marriage
Get drunk - watertorment and control from incredulity
Get drunk - with wineproperty and achieving independence
Get drunk - champagneservice for senior men
Get drunk - watertorment and control from incredulity
Get drunk - with wineproperty and achieving independence
Get drunk - champagneservice for senior men
Hat - top headceremony for a military pension per person
Hat - losecold, sorrows
Hat - Greendignity
hat - seeinto a traffic jam with dostati
hat - seelose the freedom
hat - in the windchase
hat - from sleeping on the head shall havegreat recognition of the work
hat - in the handserrands that do not enjoy
hat - who stole-lisintroduced the die
hat - an old, torn carryto count with unforeseen circumstances, hardship, unhappiness
Hat - through the eyesloneliness, hatred of the people
Hat - full of sparrowsdisorders in the family
Hat - full of shitdobudeš soon a large estate
Hat - shall have a nicecome to esteem
Hat - shall have a badunpleasant circumstances
Hat - reversehumiliation, prayer
hat - nice new head shall havesuccess, happiness, respectability
hat - on the watersamovržda water or drowning accident
hat - wearing another viewmany of you think about yourself
Hat - lots to seebig business
Hat - shall have a newhappiness and welfare
hat - yellow or reddishunwell boss
Hat - shoddyPoverty
Hat - flying upunexpected joy
Hat - Ladies man shall haveeffeminacy nature
hat - to take the foreignprofessorial absentmindedness
Hen - with chickens to seemeans a lot of children, grandchildren, but also the loss of friends
kill - Friendfriend borrows money, but soon is back
kill - Killcommitting injustice
Liver - dropped out of thewin your enemy
Liver - dropped out and sunk backnear death
Liver - seeshalt have good food
Liver - splityour health yourself shorten
Liver - throw dogmassive dissatisfaction
Liver - unhealthy, withered or burnedloss of property
Liver - find it and lift itlitigation to the right
Liver - eatStrong Health
Liver - feelunnecessary way to do
Pit - PitSee: Hole
Pit - covered in waterwell-being of your business
Pit - covered and dryproperty disputes
pit - it is painfully crawlchase, shall have unknown friends
pit - it is with ease getovercoming many major annoyances
Pit - climb out of itof all vyvázneš
pit - see, they fall into itunexpected misfortune, be tricked
Pit - dark and fall into itdispossession and severe injuries
pit - light and fall into itmugging with damage to property
Pit - fall into itmugging thugs
Pit - Pitcome into danger
Pregnant - see itchange professions
Pregnant - see the secondtangible promise of happiness
pregnant - womando a magnificent invention that will bring you fame and profit
Pregnant - bewish will come true
Pregnant - Pregnantwoman expect from life, something new, when Vesna sees as a pregnant man carries his own plans for another new object
Room - darkgrave
room - emptydebts and poverty
Room - dirtyarguments
Room - Roomsilent moments
spit - bloodwealth
Tie - you shall bindsore throat
Tie - you sundavatito protect against cold
Weir (River) - hummingcatastrophe, a great misfortune
Weir (River) - Weir (River)grim moments

Red - can represent passion, anger, aggression. but also the ire of sexual excitement, power, or danger. For someone like the color of blood may be a symbol of life or death.




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