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 Dream title : blood 

Dream story : dreaming some one get a knife and stock on my back

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  back   blood   get   knife   one
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Back - wearing brokebig loss
Back - shall have highridicule the pagan
blood - animal captureis a big shops
blood - animal bloodgood deal
blood - bloody handswarn you hurt someone, whether for yourself you will not pay attention, youre in misery
blood - from himself on the ground trickle seegood
blood - seems to be sleeping, that blood flows from itdamage
blood - flowing from the bodywell-being of business
blood - flow from the nosePurity
blood - flowing from the woundhealth problems and concerns
Blood - vysávatimoneylender will work
blood - if you see another bleedingfault, row
blood - see goredisease
blood - see the pretty colorhighs
blood - seerelease the money to the event, company
blood - seeare in anguish for a loved one
Blood - brewdeath
Blood - washThere is a covert crime
blood - flowing from the nosedisease and risk of loss of life, love in a dream indicates infidelity, disputes and quarrels in the family
blood - gore, rottenserious illness
blood - goreis a symbol of illness
blood - clottedTry to start as soon as possible with the business.
Blood - gathergood
blood - he bleedgood marks
Blood - wash itwin
Blood - in mouthsevere pulmonary disease
Blood - in mouthPeople want to hurt you and damage your reputation.
blood - spit bloodportends very worried
Blood - if impure, thick bloodface to great pains and diseases
Blood - plije the pure bloodwealth
blood - drinkgood
blood - drinkthe evil associated with the murder
blood - drinkgain in every way
blood - drinkDo you dream of a nice person.
blood - blood to drinkmeet with your wishes related to finance
blood - the blood-stained clothessymbolizing enemies, those who would obstruct the path to a career | after this dream, making new acquaintances shun
blood - bear to seebad
Blood - dirtybad company
Blood - take onistands for happiness
blood - flow on the ground to seegood sign
Blood - on the groundcrime
Blood - falling to the groundPoverty
blood - the body shall haveyou will receive an office
Blood - on your handsinvestigations, arrest
blood - in filthy clothes, but strangefraudulent profit
Blood - urinategreat misfortune
Blood - urinatewill be called quick help
Blood - koupati in itUtrpíš great loss.
blood - when you see a nice colorhighs
blood - when flows from the sleepingyou come to harm
blood - when someone is flowing fromstrife
blood - when many flowswealth
blood - the blood when youcome to the accident
blood - when you collect it from the animaltrade will succeed
Blood - spewdisease, evil
blood - dense bleedsuffering
Blood - Bottled in a containerwin, inheritance
blood - to give foodblack magic arts will act
blood - pure bleedwealth
blood - red bloodmeans joy
blood - red bloodmeans a severe illness
blood - as a streampity
blood - are bloodymeans disappointment in the family, people zasnoubeným portends difficult obstacle in the path to happiness
blood - and the snakekiller among the servants
Blood - Bloodvery different, often can be seen as sexually
Blood - Bloodyou cause you to be happy
Blood - Bloodis a bad sign, this dream usually announces the sudden death in the family
Get drunk - watertorment and control from incredulity
Get drunk - with wineproperty and achieving independence
Get drunk - champagneservice for senior men
Get drunk - watertorment and control from incredulity
Get drunk - with wineproperty and achieving independence
Get drunk - champagneservice for senior men
Knife - KnifeSee: Dagger,
Knife - brokenportends failure of all resolutions
Knife - closedroom
Knife - stuckmurder
Knife - seegauge indicates
Knife - Rustyworks with others their joy
Knife - cut it toyou will enjoy deception or disappointment
knife - a knife to injureis a precursor to domestic quarrels and disputes, also warning against loss of reputation
Knife - sharpsuffering and volatility
knife - a knife and fork to seeGet yourself an invitation or invite someone
knife - a knife foundportends a good work
Knife - buyfind something
Knife - pocket openwatch out for shortest path
Knife - pocket knifePoverty
Knife - grindLet us search and you will know its errors
Knife - grindspores
Knife - grindmeans quarrels and disputes
knife - bluntplot a vain
Knife - Knifeexpression of primitive and dangerous explosion of power, usually can be interpreted sexually
one - to act haughtilylove yourself

Purple - this color combines this material with the spiritual. Represents a renunciation of something, selflessness and meditation.




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