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die for you  (22) 
Its been 5 years since we were together yet i had a dream about her. I got my high school sweetheart killed an...
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I was in a store trying to try on a palm tree bro tank, but every time I brought it back to the fitting room i...
teeth falling  (34) 
I dreamed that my whole. Top row of my teeth. Fell out
water  (52) 
color  (58) 
Seasoning chicken with red seasoning
Animals  (28) 
I was entering my building & just saw all the water from the near by lake is overflowing & entering the buildi...
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 Dream title : die for you 

Dream story : Its been 5 years since we were together yet i had a dream about her. I got my high school sweetheart killed and death came and took her. I then spent all my time trying to get her back. I found death and traded her soul for mine so i would die and she would be alive.

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  baby   back   bee   death   ear   eat   get   heart   hen   kill   mine   school   sweet

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Baby - newbornpleasure and worry
Back - wearing brokebig loss
Back - shall have highridicule the pagan
Bee (Bee) - and lose the hiveimpoverishment
Bee (Bee) - seegood sign
Bee (Bee) - hive to seebliss, benefit
Bee (Bee) - swarming to seeconfused matters
Bee (Bee) - swarming in the tree viewstrengthen love and faithfulness
Bee (Bee) - labor in viewwell shall have
Bee (Bee) - from stinging them beearly misfortune, trouble with friends
Bee (Bee) - gather honey to seedostati good advice
Bee (Bee) - their hivepermanent enrichment
Bee (Bee) - their buzzing and swarmingwedding
Death - seegrief neighbor
death - see deathportends poverty and distress or bankruptcy, the patient is a sign of a rapid end
Death - seen as a skeleton with a scytheharbinger of relief from some of the load
Death - DeathDeath in the dream is rather a sign of leaving old things. Nelou?íte happened subconsciously or with a partner with the old home? Maybe you just run over to stop something that you think is pointless.
Death - means p?ivolavšíthat you will soon be the target of gossip and slander
Death - to speak to youunpleasant things to expectations
Death - be deadsad experiences.
Death - Deathusually dream about death is a warning against all dangers and threats, after this dream, you should be more cautious than usual
Death - Deathclear the end of one section of life
ear (cob) - seethe joy of the work
ear (cob) - more of them shall bindincoherence, property discord
ear (cob) - a wreath on the head of which shall havemedals and promotion
ear (cob) - gathergood shops
ear (cob) - If you collect isgood deal
ear (cob) - is to disposebad ratios
Ear - blockedfalse
ear - shall have largevery pleased you friends, especially women
Ear - cut byyour property is odzvon?no
Ear - filthydamage from relative
Ear - podrápanéshame on the part of relatives
ear - to hear themsin
Ear - less than we haverelatives fall into debt
ear - if a woman coveredadultery
ear - and more beautifulgood rumors
ear - one to seecurious neighbor
eat - seeinvitation
eat - outdoorsThere will be lean times
eat - in the houseHealth
eat - eat alone very richbecoming unpopular for reckless lack of compassion or
eat - aloneyoure deluded or sick
eat - illnessPeople think about you a lot
eat - bad food or uncleandissatisfaction, illness
eat - meat muttongain to the goods
eat - meat roastedwealth
eat - eat very quicklybe honored
eat - eat very quicklybe invited to eat
eat - eat very quicklygives health
eat - eat very frugallyfeel remorse for something
eat - want to eat, but nothing to eat nenaléztchange in life
eat - veal headbig bad
eat - Eateither expressed or replace the need to eat resistance in awake
eat - Eattendency to extravagance
Get drunk - watertorment and control from incredulity
Get drunk - with wineproperty and achieving independence
Get drunk - champagneservice for senior men
Get drunk - watertorment and control from incredulity
Get drunk - with wineproperty and achieving independence
Get drunk - champagneservice for senior men
heart - losedeath of beloved family
heart - seefervently zamilovati
heart - cutbreakup of the couple
heart - lose themdie alone
Heart - BabesSweet Love
heart - pierced with a swordEnd of Love
heart - bleeding seeninsult to experience
Heart - eatlove for each other to make sure
heart - pierced by an arrowimmeasurable love
Hen - with chickens to seemeans a lot of children, grandchildren, but also the loss of friends
kill - Friendfriend borrows money, but soon is back
kill - Killcommitting injustice
Mine - seeincrease in property
mine - as seen Pitdeath of the nearest
Mine - Minewealth and power
School - seeProbably reclaim the ancient successes or troubles, maybe you just need to better organize his life. Who teaches you in a dream and what? Or you feel that you are someone in real life too preaches? look around you, maybe you will discover the reason.
School - Business Schooldo not think high, youre frugal life
Sweet Rush - Sweet Rushhealthy stomach
years - on woodyour age is up to you to see

Black - may represent evil, deep depression, death. It can also express your ignorance, dark unknown, but the respect of very aspect of our self. Also maybe disorientation.




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Physiologically speaking, researchers found that during dreaming REM sleep, males experience erections and females experience increased vaginal blood flow, regardless the content of the dream. In fact, "wet dreams" may not necessarily coincide with overtly sexual dream content.

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It occurs at different ages, especially in children aged 6 to 12 years .. It is estimated that about 15 percent of children in this age. Over time, this disease of children grow up. Typical behavior is manifested by a sleepwalker sits on the bed, gets up and starts walking.


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