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aswang  (25) 
running from aswang
falling trees  (53) 
I was at a house visting my family but I was with my x family witch the person that past away 2Years ago and m...
escaping gravity  (30) 
suddenly i started the flying and escaped gravity
hiking  (36) 
I was hiking with my family and my child jumped off the cliff into a pile of boulders
acid rain  (30) 
acid rain in world and i am trying to run away from it, yet i could not.
clear and white  (58) 
I dreamed about a clear and white bubble
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 Dream title : aswang 

Dream story : running from aswang

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  run   running   swan
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Run - himself seenloss of property
Run - the carhitch
Run - the animalhostility
Run - several people in a rowhassle and worry
Run - nudeare your favorite unfaithful to you
Run - If you run laboriously and Trick can notstands for sickness
Run - and the place is not to movewithout the effect namáhati
Run - and yet to fallbreak something well begun
Run - and fallfailure of previous work
Run - and avoid illnessgreat stress
Run - and the objective to comefill in your application, the
Run - and fall short of targetsAll this hardly succeeds
Run - and targets achievedeverything succeeds
Running - a racegreat exertion
Swan - sing to hearnear death
Swan - seebe proud
Swan - swim to seewin over slanderers
Swan - the meadows run to seeclumsiness
Swan - seen kissinggood intentions do
Swan - Blackdomestic disaster
Swan - Black singingdeath
Swan - Blacknot a good future
Swan - Whitegood future

White - incorruptibility, innocence, peace, happiness and joy.




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Archetypes are models of the deepest mental activity, the roots of soul, that control our perception of ourselves and the outside world. (James Hilman). Archetypal dreams are called big dreams, because they leave us feeling that we received wisdom from higher dimensions. Archetypal dreams give to sleeping people feel that it is something very important, provide inspiration, guidance or supernatural powers.


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