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 Dream title : Bitten by a butterfly  

Dream story : I was sitting in the grass and a slim green butterfly about 3" long came and latched on to my arm biting and wouldn't let go as it was slicing my skin very deep in 3 places. The wound was not bleeding but extremely painful.

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  ass   bleeding   butter   butterfly   fly   grass   let   pain   sit   slim   tin   wound
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ass (bum) - seen herconfusion in the shops
ass (bum) - Womens seenoccupy themselves with trivialities
bleeding - bleedingmournfulness in the fall
Butter - seerequest completed
Butter - buynext business will be good
Butter - eatrupture and discomfort among relatives
Butter - doinner peace
butter - eatpurchase a good
Butterfly (Butterflies) - see himfickleness in love
Butterfly (Butterflies) - Butterfly (Butterflies)Note that although it is fragile, but fleeting beauty. The dream of them is a warning against instability, character, or great desire to break free from all restrictions. A butterfly that flew out of the chrysalis is a clear symbol of transition from one life stage to another.
Fly - FlySee: Masa?ka, flies,
Fly - killhostility
Fly - more of them togethervarious sorrows
Fly - in the nose or mouthserious illness
Fly - brandished them before someonemany enemies
Fly - fly a lot to seeshall have enemies and be persecuted by them, grief, experience affront
Grass - seebeware the moneylender
Grass - skill to cut itfuture happiness
Grass - sit on itlove
Grass - lie in ittour
Let go - somethingrisk of injury, theft
Pain - If you see a differentride happy accident
Pain - in a dream you have a headache or breastminor illness just waiting for you
Pain - feelovercome difficulties
Pain - If you feel yourselfbad
pain - painful to seebe very loved
Sit - sit on the sharpnasty letter
Slim - Slimhidden treasure
Tin - seeSickness
Tin - with labor inyoull be pleased
Tin - tin utensilscreated one household
Tin - Tingain and trade
wound - in the right handparalyzed negotiations
wound - on the left handparalyzed thinking, stroke
wound - to hear itnew house to crash
wound - unhealedbad




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