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 Dream title : aa 

Dream story : i saw that i was in a new place...which was full of natural beauty...i was in a long corridor with pillars on both side in front of a Hindu goddess temple. I was about to click a picture of the idol...suddenly the night sky was changing with full moon...some priests are enchanting some mantras...some ashes in my feet...i just said one thing...amma...very beautiful lady came running from the idol to me...

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  ant   ash   beauty   corridor   front   god   hang   hat   hind   lad   lady   man   moo

  moon   night   one   priest   run   running   side   sud   temple   tin
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Ant - seea lot of work, a large number
ant - ant in dead or inactivepoor work organization
Ant - tweaking theevil conflicts between people
ANT - bunch of them crawling out of the house and jaws npublic statement
ANT - bunch of them crawling out of the housegreetings from illness
ANT - bunch of them crawling into the houseillness and death
Ash - seebitter disappointment, insult
Ash - head to pour itsorry for me
beauty - beautynehezkého portends a man into marriage
Beauty - Beautyportends ugly woman into marriage
Corridor - lightelation, also a child into the family
front - beautifulpower over others
God Goddess - to see him, talk to himworry and grief
hang - inSickness
Hat - top headceremony for a military pension per person
Hat - losecold, sorrows
Hat - Greendignity
hat - seeinto a traffic jam with dostati
hat - seelose the freedom
hat - in the windchase
hat - from sleeping on the head shall havegreat recognition of the work
hat - in the handserrands that do not enjoy
hat - who stole-lisintroduced the die
hat - an old, torn carryto count with unforeseen circumstances, hardship, unhappiness
Hat - through the eyesloneliness, hatred of the people
Hat - full of sparrowsdisorders in the family
Hat - full of shitdobudeš soon a large estate
Hat - shall have a nicecome to esteem
Hat - shall have a badunpleasant circumstances
Hat - reversehumiliation, prayer
hat - nice new head shall havesuccess, happiness, respectability
hat - on the watersamovržda water or drowning accident
hat - wearing another viewmany of you think about yourself
Hat - lots to seebig business
Hat - shall have a newhappiness and welfare
hat - yellow or reddishunwell boss
Hat - shoddyPoverty
Hat - flying upunexpected joy
Hat - Ladies man shall haveeffeminacy nature
hat - to take the foreignprofessorial absentmindedness
Hind - seehappiness and wealth
Hind - seesilent and prudent wife
lad - lad to seetrust in yourself
lad - seeown efforts to come to the welfare
Lady (female) - see rare ladyall points to your well-being
Lady (female) - Queen (female)annoyance
man - wild man (animal) be persecutedinteresting introduction, engagement girls
man - ManSee: Person
man - to see him beardedattention from persecution
man - to see him with a crownwell in summer, winter damage
man - bad charactersjoy
man - man shitgold into the house
man asleeplittle joy
Moo - hear the cattle moocrash
Moon - Eclipse, but the acquiring of lightpopularity with senior
Moon - Clearluck will be added
Night - NightSee: Darkness, Darkness, Darkness,
Night - Night walkillusion
Night - recedingimprovement of living conditions
Night - Darkunpleasant quarrels with relatives
Night - Darkprospects bleak and hard times
Night - walk at nightis a harbinger of misfortune and death in the family
Night - for farmersis a sign of bad harvests and painful losses
Night - for love is the dream of the nightmisunderstandings and disputes
Night - abruptly endingis the predicted environmental changes or worries and difficulties in business
Night - clear, starry nightnight portends a long life in good health and happiness
night - brightyou will live long
Night - to be a dark night on the wayindicate impending evil
Night - StormyStorm take home the roof of your happiness
Night - Nighthigh risk
Night - Nightsymbol for danger in the unconscious, internal warnings
Night watchmen - see drinkoversleeping
Night watchmen - to see himLate return
one - to act haughtilylove yourself
priest - the altarfavor
priest - confess to himeasing the difficulties of mental
priest - to see or speak with himreassurance for the sick or in love
Priest - see him walk in robe toannoyance
Priest - seen him in bedLast Rites
Priest - seedevotion
priest - in a churchthroughout the life of God keep your things to worry
Priest - myself to see itrecognition, dignity
Priest - sickno good
Priest - preachinggood advice comes
priest - came to the houselitigation
Run - himself seenloss of property
Run - the carhitch
Run - the animalhostility
Run - several people in a rowhassle and worry
Run - nudeare your favorite unfaithful to you
Run - If you run laboriously and Trick can notstands for sickness
Run - and the place is not to movewithout the effect namáhati
Run - and yet to fallbreak something well begun
Run - and fallfailure of previous work
Run - and avoid illnessgreat stress
Run - and the objective to comefill in your application, the
Run - and fall short of targetsAll this hardly succeeds
Run - and targets achievedeverything succeeds
Running - a racegreat exertion
Side - a great and strongearly marriage and children
Side - have injuredgrief and loss of children
Sud - which flows fromloss
Sud - seeattention to gluttony
Sud - more full of themwealth
Sud - a beer to seestores are on track
Sud - lie in the eventoo much filosofy, like you had in mind
Temple - as a virginwedding
Temple - as a womanwidowhood
Temple - buildrich man only married
Tin - seeSickness
Tin - with labor inyoull be pleased
Tin - tin utensilscreated one household
Tin - Tingain and trade

Blue - blue color of the sky. It is a healing color of relaxation and peacefulness.




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People who are in the process of giving up smoking tend to have longer and more intense dreams.

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Green - symbolizes the fertility of nature generally. In dreams can express your personal growth and development of your personality.
Red - can represent passion, anger, aggression. but also the ire of sexual excitement, power, or danger. For someone like the color of blood may be a symbol of life or death.


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