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Ex husbnd cut iff right index finger  (52) 
My ex husband and i were sitting having a drink and he showed me is right hand and his index finger had been c...
love  (51) 
i dreamt about a man that i had feelings of love towards some time ago. he and i were in his office and he ask...
Falling in love with a friend  (22) 
I had a dream that my friend cheated on his girlfriend with me and during this we fell in love, or at least I ...
Finding a lost tree frog  (51) 
I dreamed a tree frog had escaped from a cage (possible research facility). I found the frog on a tree but it ...
Finding a lost tree frog  (51) 
I dreamed a tree frog had escaped from a cage (possible research facility). I found the frog on a tree but it ...
dripping paint  (39) 
Crowded house full of people and family from past. Son paints walls white and paint dripping from ceiling and ...
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 Dream title : Ex husbnd cut iff right index finger 

Dream story : My ex husband and i were sitting having a drink and he showed me is right hand and his index finger had been cut off in an accident. His hair was all messy and he was kind of dirty, which he always has nice hair and never dirty

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  accident   band   bee   bite   cut   drink   eve   finger   hair   hand   husband   ice   ink

  sit   tin
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accident - car accidentIn proneseš sudden harsh words, which you will later regret.
band - seehappy and loyal friends
Bee (Bee) - and lose the hiveimpoverishment
Bee (Bee) - seegood sign
Bee (Bee) - hive to seebliss, benefit
Bee (Bee) - swarming to seeconfused matters
Bee (Bee) - swarming in the tree viewstrengthen love and faithfulness
Bee (Bee) - labor in viewwell shall have
Bee (Bee) - from stinging them beearly misfortune, trouble with friends
Bee (Bee) - gather honey to seedostati good advice
Bee (Bee) - their hivepermanent enrichment
Bee (Bee) - their buzzing and swarmingwedding
Bite - from animal or snakecomplain
bite - from a dangerous dog or a snake to avoidinvoke jealousy
bite - someonefrolic
cut - nice graingood shops
drink - the expulsion of toxins from the body drinklose woes
drink - a medicinal drink as a healthy manneed for religious renewal, and miserliness
drink - a medicinal drink, and diarrhea dostatiproperty loss due to incorrect advice
drink - a medicinal drinkreturn the lost property and friends
drink - drink poison, until your hair falls outimpoverishment and severe illness
drink - drink poisonhumiliation of poverty
Drink - following the willwill you demand things
Drink - get drunkpromotion
drink - drink unwantedjob loss
Drink - up to the belly increasesincrease in property
Eve - weepinglove with the consequences
Eve - embracelove marriage
finger - losemeans damage
finger - Committedaccidents in the home
finger - in the mouthshyness
finger - index finger on her lipsnevyzrazuj
finger - index finger in the eyeridicule
finger - index fingerWarning
finger - you burnto the temptation dostati
finger - five of them blackburglary
finger - five of themtheft
finger - the thumb tucked into the other clamped prdo not wait
finger - the thumb between the forefinger and middlecurse
finger - shall have the steamplot
finger - shall have a niceweighted, be revered
finger - do it to swerve and blood to seegood luck in love
Hair (Hair) - Hair (Hair)See: Curls
Hair (Hair) - losebad time experience
Hair (Hair) - more are dissolveddisease
Hair (Hair) - sniprelief from worry
Hair (Hair) - cut to forbearto avoid inconveniences
Hair (Hair) - sheared, it seems to be the virginloss of virginity
Hair (Hair) - sheared, whether a womandistribution
Hair (Hair) - clipped from your headdispossession, damage
Hair (Hair) - shall have mattedfamily disputes
Hair (Hair) - Hair (Hair)If wrap your hair around the body and suffocate you, you have probably come in a duty that you are unable to fulfill. Loss of hair symbolizes uncertainty.
Hair (Hair) - Hair (Hair)"If you find the long hair that curls around you, almost floating in space, means that obviously something in yourself" "swimming". " Maybe youre just too relaxed and flegmati?tí to what happens around them.
Hair (Hair) - a different color colorfulfalse
Hair (Hair) - crimpvisit the theater or association
Hair (Hair) - which fallsworry
Hair (Hair) - hezké?erné shall havehealth
Hair (Hair) - shall have the graybe burdened with worry
Hair (Hair) - shall have a longbe respected and popular
Hair (Hair) - combgood luck in shops of all kinds, resolve disputes
Hair (Hair) - Comb themcare about anything, good order
Hair (Hair) - shall have a redenemies close by
Hair (Hair) - Hair ruffle uchati old womanlong negotiation
Hair (Hair) - ruffle girlhope for pleasure
Hair (Hair) - Foreign carrydisease are close
Hair (Hair) - colored to Russiansloss of property
Hair (Hair) - colorful gray to blackpublic shame
Hand - blown womendeath of spouse
Hand - HandSee: Hands
Hand - shall have injuredmournfulness
Hand - breakmisery, death
Hand - shall have a greathard work
Hand - truncatedmortal sin
Hand - blowntruest leaves
Hand - with very short fingerstricky plot
Hand - with pursefine, tax or purchase
Hand - mightywar
Hand - shall have a smallto find themselves in poverty
Hand - kiss herawe, gratitude and love
Hand - hairy shall havefun
husband - my husband seesdistribution
Ice - seen in summerfutile
Ice - see, after klouzatiimpending accident, pursuit, dashed hopes
Ice - for him to walkcontact with the harlot
Ice - on the brink of the riverpoverty in the region
Ink - Inklawsuits
Sit - sit on the sharpnasty letter
Tin - seeSickness
Tin - with labor inyoull be pleased
Tin - tin utensilscreated one household
Tin - Tingain and trade

White - incorruptibility, innocence, peace, happiness and joy.




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Nightmares are common in children, typically beginning at around age 3 and occurring up to age 7-8.

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The Egyptians believed that dreams bring messages of good and evil spirits. The oldest dream-book comes from Egypt (2000 BC), then distinguish between the dreams of good and bad people on the contrary. Dreams seem to be two types of people and, unfortunately, can help solve even the evil intentions of people. Typical hieroglyphic script is currently composed of the very symbols and language very close to dreams.


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