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 Dream title : Man & woman 

Dream story : his lower part of the leg cause do to his large height 10' or so..As I'm hugging I have a sense of joy, calmness, one that is equally to the room I was in with him, he looks Dow at me & asks "Did you wake your husband up!" With joy & a smoke on my face I say "I don't have a husband!" He looks down again at me and asked the same question again, I repeat the same answer! Then as we prepare to walk he looks down again & ask the same question, this time he draws my attention to this window or TV or such at this beautiful lady who is just as equal in beauty & affection as he is..I then got a sense he's been watching he, aware of her .then I woke up..

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  band   beauty   bee   draw   eat   face   hat   height   hen   husband   joy   lad   lady

  man   one   repeat   room   smoke   wake   walk   win   wind   window   woman
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band - seehappy and loyal friends
beauty - beautynehezkého portends a man into marriage
Beauty - Beautyportends ugly woman into marriage
Bee (Bee) - and lose the hiveimpoverishment
Bee (Bee) - seegood sign
Bee (Bee) - hive to seebliss, benefit
Bee (Bee) - swarming to seeconfused matters
Bee (Bee) - swarming in the tree viewstrengthen love and faithfulness
Bee (Bee) - labor in viewwell shall have
Bee (Bee) - from stinging them beearly misfortune, trouble with friends
Bee (Bee) - gather honey to seedostati good advice
Bee (Bee) - their hivepermanent enrichment
Bee (Bee) - their buzzing and swarmingwedding
Draw - Drawbe weighted
eat - seeinvitation
eat - outdoorsThere will be lean times
eat - in the houseHealth
eat - eat alone very richbecoming unpopular for reckless lack of compassion or
eat - aloneyoure deluded or sick
eat - illnessPeople think about you a lot
eat - bad food or uncleandissatisfaction, illness
eat - meat muttongain to the goods
eat - meat roastedwealth
eat - eat very quicklybe honored
eat - eat very quicklybe invited to eat
eat - eat very quicklygives health
eat - eat very frugallyfeel remorse for something
eat - want to eat, but nothing to eat nenaléztchange in life
eat - veal headbig bad
eat - Eateither expressed or replace the need to eat resistance in awake
eat - Eattendency to extravagance
Face - faceSee: Face
Face - gorysevere anger
Face - yellowenvy
Face - FaceSee: Face
Face - hidebad news
Face - shall have a nicegood conduct pledge
Face - nasty in the water to seehostility
Face - washinggrief
Face - paleillness or death
Hat - top headceremony for a military pension per person
Hat - losecold, sorrows
Hat - Greendignity
hat - seeinto a traffic jam with dostati
hat - seelose the freedom
hat - in the windchase
hat - from sleeping on the head shall havegreat recognition of the work
hat - in the handserrands that do not enjoy
hat - who stole-lisintroduced the die
hat - an old, torn carryto count with unforeseen circumstances, hardship, unhappiness
Hat - through the eyesloneliness, hatred of the people
Hat - full of sparrowsdisorders in the family
Hat - full of shitdobudeš soon a large estate
Hat - shall have a nicecome to esteem
Hat - shall have a badunpleasant circumstances
Hat - reversehumiliation, prayer
hat - nice new head shall havesuccess, happiness, respectability
hat - on the watersamovržda water or drowning accident
hat - wearing another viewmany of you think about yourself
Hat - lots to seebig business
Hat - shall have a newhappiness and welfare
hat - yellow or reddishunwell boss
Hat - shoddyPoverty
Hat - flying upunexpected joy
Hat - Ladies man shall haveeffeminacy nature
hat - to take the foreignprofessorial absentmindedness
Height - youunhappiness and bereavement
Hen - with chickens to seemeans a lot of children, grandchildren, but also the loss of friends
husband - my husband seesdistribution
Joy - poci?ovatiattention to the folly
lad - lad to seetrust in yourself
lad - seeown efforts to come to the welfare
Lady (female) - see rare ladyall points to your well-being
Lady (female) - Queen (female)annoyance
man - wild man (animal) be persecutedinteresting introduction, engagement girls
man - ManSee: Person
man - to see him beardedattention from persecution
man - to see him with a crownwell in summer, winter damage
man - bad charactersjoy
man - man shitgold into the house
man asleeplittle joy
one - to act haughtilylove yourself
Repeat - somethingshortness of breath
Room - darkgrave
room - emptydebts and poverty
Room - dirtyarguments
Room - Roomsilent moments
Smoke - Smokearguments
smoke - out of the stove plateforeign service
smoke - out of stackcourtship
Smoke - in the houseoppression by bad people
Smoke - in the houseoppression
Smoke - Tobaccomans satisfaction
Smoke - to lose to seedoubt about the real true love
Smoke - if upyour petition, to which you just thought, you heard
Smoke - if downyour petition will be heard
Smoke - Graydomestic quarrels
Smoke - blackhardship and inconvenience
Smoke - feelpossible fire or accident
Smoke - Smokeseeming happiness
Wake - to fall in itbarriers
Wake - ubírati ityoure in great luck
Wake - on the fieldwealth, happiness
Wake - her plowbig profit in the future
walk - quicklyyour issue is hasty
walk - on wooden legschange in their service
walk - and then come backloss
Walk - closebarriers
Walk - Widegood time
Walk - walk backdo not understand myself well or neighborhood
Win - getbe expected arrival of a friend
Wind - carries you to another placeget rich abroad
Wind - northlose the property
Wind - a sudden and powerful hurricane, tornadodisaster
Wind - when the wind blowsfeud
Wind - as the tree breakspay cut
Wind - leaning against the back on your wayhelp will be given to you
Wind - hotillness and grief
Window - from his fallindicates the trial
Window - get out of itpositive future does not seem
Window - in the back of the house shine to seerelative early loss
Window - shine in front to seedeath of a relative or friend
Window - dirtydisorders in the house
Window - open to seehappiness in the home
Window - window table to seein a difficult situation dostati
Window - climb ittheft
Window - creep outdisaster in the shops
Window - crawl inis good, friendly welcome
Window - widewell act
Window - Windowinnate intelligence
woman - hear her arguingdiscomfort, suffering




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In a poll, 67% of Americans have experienced Deja Vu in their dreams, occurring more often in females than males.

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